ADHD Center: ADHD Policy and Vanderbilt Assessment

Carolina Pediatrics  – ADHD Consult/Follow-Up Policy

  1. Your child’s provider will need to see your child within 30-45 days after starting ADHD medication(s). It is essential to make your child’s follow-up appointment. This applies to newly diagnosed patients and to patients who have received a medication change.
  2. Patients will be followed-up every 3 months thereafter.
  3. ADHD medications cannot be changed without being seen by your child’s provider.
  4. Prescriptions will need to be picked up, because ADHD medications cannot be “called in”. Do not wait until your child’s medications run out. We DO NOT guarantee prescription refills on same day requests.

Please note – The requested information is critical to the appropriate evaluation of your child.  Therefore, please understand that failure to bring the required paperwork/information to each appointment will result in the need to reschedule your child’s appointment.

New ADHD Patients

When requesting an appointment for initial ADHD assessment, please know that you will need to allow enough time to complete/gather the following items:

Bring any prior ADHD assessment notes, psychological reports, and/or school notes.

Bring most recent reports card(s) 1 to 2 grading periods.

You will need to print enough teacher forms so that there is one for each of your child’s teachers to complete.  You may give these to the teachers in anticipating of requesting an appointment, or once the appointment is scheduled.  Just please remember to allow enough time to collect the forms prior to your scheduled appointment.

Re-Check ADHD Patients

Please bring any report cards, school notes, psychological reports, and any other items requested by the physician since your last visit.

We now offer Patient Portal. Patient Portal is a tool for parents and/or Legal Guardians to access such screening as the Vanderbilt for their child. Contact Us and ask how you can sign-up.